About Cape Cod Hydrangea Society

The Cape Cod Hydrangea Society Mission

To increase our knowledge and enjoyment of hydrangeas and to share what we have learned with the Cape Cod community.

I am always happy in the company of fellow lovers of hydrangeas.”

– Joan Harrison, Founder CCHS

The Cape Cod Hydrangea Society was formed in the spring of 2007 by Joan Harrison. Joan Harrison is a published author, renowned speaker, and hydrangea expert. Joan along with a band of enthusiasts organized a meeting at the Sturgis Library in Barnstable and issued a public invitation; the turnout was unbelievable! After founding CCHS, members decided they wanted to learn together how to meet the challenge of growing hydrangeas on Cape Cod. In partnership with Heritage Museums & Gardens, members created the Cape Cod Hydrangea Display Garden. Mal Condon, Vice President of CCHS, is the current curator of the collection. The garden’s goal is to include a representation of hydrangeas that can grow on the Cape. Presently, the garden includes eight species of hydrangeas and over one hundred different varieties!

Hydrangea Border Janet Schultz
Hydrangea Border
Janet Schultz

Heritage Museums & Gardens
Heritage Museum & Gardens

Joan Harrison
Joan Harrison

Mal Condon
Mal Condon

CCHS Board of Directors 2015-2016

President Mal Condon
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Treasurer Ginny McCabe
Secretary Mary Ann Staudenmayer
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